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Hotelexpert24 helps privately owned and independently managed hotels to optimise profitability and competitiveness through customer service excellence.

To achieve excellent growth and success in today’s hospitality industry you need to be able to compete at service standards and ensure guest comfort and safety.

Service quality and guest satisfaction are two core aspects of business performance and growth, but to sustain them at the same, high level is not always easy.

This fact underlines the importance of service operating procedures across all activities of the business and the need for additional audits, service quality expertise, and staff training if necessary.

Professional and experienced advice from an outside specialist can help you to provide welcoming and safe hotel environment, lift your hotel above the competition, and help to remain competitive and sustainable into the future.

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Is your hotel prepared to meet new demands?

In the hospitality industry customer care has always been the main criterion in services quality, and wellbeing and health of the guest is highest priority for hotel owners.

One of the services Hotelexpert24 offers is hygiene standards development to assure your guests and staff are safe. To welcome tomorrow’s guests it is important to have adequate procedures…


From time to time every business needs fresh ideas and an objective, outside analysis by an industry expert may be just the kickstart your team and business needs, to tap into its full profitability potential.

Mystery Guest

Guest experience is a significant factor in the growth and success of your business, but do you really know what your guest’s experience is? It may not be poor enough to complain about, but is their experience the best it could be?

Service Standards

Developing high service quality standards is a long-lasting investment into maintaining excellent quality in the long term. Service standards are aimed at ensuring the guest’s comfort and satisfaction, strengthening your company’s character and developing employees’ loyalty.


The hospitality industry is a service industry relying strongly on human labour. Service quality is therefore directly connected to staff quality. Staff are key to the success of your establishment – they have the power to make or break it.

A satisfied customer is the best business
strategy of all.
Michael LeBoeuf

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