Guest experience is a significant factor in the growth and success of your business, but do you really know what your guest’s experience is? It may not be poor enough to complain about, but is their experience the best it could be?

An effective way to identify the weak areas in your business is a mystery guest audit. A true picture of the guest experience is ascertained when staff are unaware that they are being assessed. Flaws and weaknesses in the everyday service offering of your establishment are identified, giving you the opportunity to address issues and rectify service failures where they occur.

Conducted as ordinary customer visits, neither the staff nor management is notified of the exact time they will take place. The audits are carried out by professionals with years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, able to pay attention to every detail while simultaneously making an impartial assessment. The mystery guest audit will include phone calls, emails enquiries and venue inspection to score and measure current practice.

Performing mystery shopping inspections on a regular basis is the most effective method of monitoring the quality of guest service. An underlying factor is the fact that staff, knowing that any customer at any time could be a mystery guest, are motivated to provide high service quality to each and every guest. Before long, this practice becomes a habit and standard procedure in your business.

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